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The Chamber’s participation in the regional communication meeting with members of the government in the region

Pursuant to Royal directives, and as part of the government’s communication programme with the different regions of the Kingdom launched by the government since July 2017 in support of the advanced regionalization workshops. On Saturday, February 22, 2020 at the Guelmim Congress Palace, Prime Minister Saâdeddine El Othmani, accompanied by a government delegation, including a number of ministers and heads of public institutions, chaired the government’s communication meeting with the Guelmim Oued Noun party, through which the government seeks to embody the policy of proximity and direct communication with the various stakeholders.

On this occasion, the government delegation organized a regional workshop with elected officials, components of civil society, heads of professional chambers and the private sector, in addition to civil servants and representatives of local authorities and heads of external services in the region to study the reality and prospects of open development projects in the region. The workshop was presented by Mr. Lahoucine Alaouia, President of the Chamber of Commerce Industry and Services Guelmim and Oued Noun, a valuable intervention through which the chamber has played an important role in contributing to the development of the region’s economy and increasing its competitiveness, through the signing of a series of agreements and partnerships, including an agreement with the Moroccan Association of Exporters, which aims to develop the region’s exports and support the region’s exporters. In his speech, the president called for taking the necessary measures that encourage the export process, such as simplifying customs clearance decisions and speeding up the production of legal texts governing foreign trade.

In his speech, the President also addressed the most important challenges and obstacles that prevent the commercialization of the region’s advantages and limit its development, such as the problem of tax controls suffered by companies benefiting from tax exemption in the region, asking the Head of Government to speed up the study of possible solutions to this problem, and also called for the need to speed up the resolution of the problem of land conservation in Tantan and Assa Zag regions to attract and encourage investment in the region.

He also highlighted the most important problems facing the ports of the region (Tantan port and Sidi Ifni port) such as the problem of fish marketing and the problems faced by the surrounding industrial areas. He also referred to the constraints faced by the trade sector, calling for the structuring and modernisation of weekly markets and butcher’s shops in the region and the creation of modern markets and a wholesale market, and the need to open a shipping line to link the ports of the region to the Canary Islands, in addition to the need to speed up the implementation of the national strategy emanating from the regional assizes on trade and the Moroccan forum of trade, by concluding its intervention by the need to speed up the setting up of free zones included in the industrial acceleration plan.

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