Organization chart of the CCIS

Organigramme de la CCIS

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of GUELMIM-OUED NOUN, is organized as follows:

  • Regional Directorate
    • Strategy and Partnership Department:
      • Strategy and Regional Attractiveness
      • Service Partnership and Economic Diplomacy
    • Department Support and Promotion:
      • Service Training and Networking
      • Service Promotion and Development
    • Administrative and Financial Department:
      • Financial and Logistics Resources Service
      • Human Resources and Information Systems
    • Department of National Services,
    • Audit and Management Control Department.
    • The Annex of the CCIS, located in Tantan, is organized as follows:
      • Direction Annexe;
        • Department of Support and Promotion,
        • Department of National Services,
        • Administrative and Financial Service.
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