General presentation of the Guelmim Oued Noun Region:

  • Area: 58,200 Km²
  • Population: 433,757 inhabitants (2014 census)
  • Urbanisation rate: 64%
  • Density: 7 inhabitants/km²

Road network:

The length of the network is about 4735 Km, more than 50% of which is paved. The region’s road network is undergoing regular improvements and development and construction operations, and the construction

Airport Network:

The region has two (2) airports: Guelmim and Tan-Tan. Guelmim Airport will be able to receive all categories of aircraft in the near future.

The Port Network:

The region currently hosts two port infrastructures which are the port of Tan-Tan and the port of Sidi Ifni, both considered among the main fishing hubs on a national scale.


The Region is equipped with various telecommunication services including: Fixed-line telephone, mobile telephone, Internet network.

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