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Investment in Guelmim Oued Noun: Wind turbine and cactus in pole position

Sectors with high development potential that interest many countries B-to-B meetings between international investors, the IRC, AMDIE and CCISGONThe sun and cactus of the Guelmim Oued Noun region are attracting international investors.

This is what emerged from the recent visit of a delegation of businessmen who came to discover the region on the sidelines of the third edition of the Green Invest Conference, recently organized as part of the Moussem de Tan Tan, where the region took the opportunity to present its assets, focusing on the key sectors: Aquaculture, fisheries, the agri-food industry and renewable energies.

“During the B to B meeting which was organized for the benefit of investors and with the participation of the CRI of Guelmim Oued Noun and the presence of the Moroccan Agency for the Development of Investments and Exports (AMDI), a particular interest was expressed for the RE and cactus sectors,” notes Youssef Atarguine, Director of the Regional Investment Centre (CRI) of Guelmim-Oued Noun.

These two sectors have great development potential. With a 240 km long coastline that records winds with an average annual speed of 10 m/s, wind power has a bright future. The same applies to solar energy in Assa Zagu province.

Although the region is not included in the national renewable energy development plan, it relies on private investment, and Chinese businessmen have shown great interest in the renewable energy sector, particularly photovoltaics.

With 80,000 ha of cultivated land, the cactus sector is a very high value-added sector, both for its fresh fruit and for the products derived from it, including its famous seed oil, which is in great demand in the cosmetics sector.

For the aquaculture sector, two aquaculture plans are planned for the region. These are the Sidi Ifni aquaculture plan, for which an international call for tenders was issued this year, and the Tan Tan aquaculture plan, which is currently being developed.

Thus, with 72 production units dedicated to shellfish and fish farming, which will be made available for the creation of aquaculture farms in the province of Sidi Ifni, the coastal area of Sidi Ifni is destined for a bright future, while the Tan Tan coast has great potential for investment in the fisheries and aquaculture sector.

Thus, Chinese, Emirati, Spanish and French investors were able to learn about the region’s economic potential, infrastructure, human resources and above all the subsidies and financial support made available for investment in the region: “This meeting is a starting point to show the region’s potential and attract these investors in order to engage in other more in-depth working sessions in the future”, notes Atarguine.

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