Training for professional associations

Within the framework of the development plan of the Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Services in Morocco and within the framework of the plan of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services 2015/2021, in particular its component on support for the nationals of the Chamber in order to implement government programmes and organize training seminars aimed at raising awareness, defining and strengthening human resources skills in the professional sectors. The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Guelmim Oued Noun, organized training courses for professional associations at its headquarters and annex. These trainings were led by Mohammed El Ghali, Professor of Political Science and Constitutional Law at Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakech during:
28-29 October 2019 in Guelmim, on 30 and 31 October 2019 in Tan Tan, under the theme: Administrative and financial management of associations, 12-13 October in Guelmim, 14-15 October 2019 in Tan-Tan, under the theme: Building and managing businesses, civil society participation mechanisms (petitions and prerogatives),

The Chamber has made every effort to promote these training days, which range from direct contact with the people concerned to the use of mural advertising, in addition to the use of social media. The training sessions were held in the presence of the President of the Chamber, Houssein Alioua, at the headquarters of the Guelmim Regional Chamber on 12 October 2019.

The participants unanimously agreed on the need to continue these training workshops to strengthen the role of the Chamber in training professionals willing to contribute, in accordance with the new constitutional roles of civil society, to making decisions capable of meeting current challenges, and to suggest alternatives to imbalances in the productive sectors.

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