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Signature of a partnership agreement between Attijari WafaBank and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Services Guelmim Oued Noun

In accordance with the high royal instructions in which His Majesty King Mohammed VI that God assists him, stressed the importance of the banking sector to support and encourage young entrepreneurs, and as part of the activation of the support mechanism and promotion of entrepreneurship, and like his counterparts in the Kingdom, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services signed Guelmim Oued Noun, represented in the person of its president, Mr. Lahoucine Alaouia and the group Attijari wafa Bank represented by the Executive Director of its regional subsidiary in Sous Massa and the Sahara Mr. Oussman Boudhimi, on Wednesday, February 10, 2021, a partnership agreement to support small and medium enterprises, traders and professionals nationals of the Chamber.

Mr. Boudhimi was accompanied by the Director of the Commercial Network, AttijariwafaBank in Souss Massa Mr. Youssef Seddiki, the Director of the Group Attijari wafa Bank in Tiznit and Guelmim M. Mohamed Kourzi, the Director of the Attijari wafa Bank Group in Tantan Mr. Asseri Ghadffana (Anwar), the Director of the CRI Mr. Mourad Kayna, the Member of Parliament and President of the commune Al-watya, Member of the House, Mr. Ahmed Bolone, the Treasurer of the CCIS Mr. Ahmed Bouchaab, as well as the Director and Executives of the Chamber of Commerce Annex, in Tantan.

This agreement aims to establish joint working rules to support and encourage entrepreneurial initiative and keep pace with the pace and development of small businesses, especially after the economic crisis associated with the Covid 19 virus pandemic. In addition to finding appropriate solutions to the needs of professionals and start-ups or companies in difficulty in the region, which will enable them to increase the performance of their projects and thus help support the national economic dynamic to overcome the crisis caused by the pandemic.

Under this agreement, a range of financial services have been developed through programs and offers tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs, traders and micro-enterprises, as well as other services associated with the monitoring of project holders, mainly through the organization of training courses and advice by the house of entrepreneurs, the creation of business opportunities and the creation of investment solutions for small and large enterprises.

It was also noted that the agreement includes daily processing services with artisans and traders, provision of insurance and health services to professionals and financing on preferential terms for participants, as well as the creation of a joint committee responsible for monitoring and removing obstacles to the development of the trade, industry and services sectors.

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