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Regular Session of the CCIS Guelmim Oued Noun – February 2019

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services held its February regular session at the headquarters of the Assa-Zag Regional Council on February 1, 2019, starting at 10 a.m. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Hussein Aliwa as President of the Chamber and in the presence of the Secretary General of Asa Zag and the delegate of the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Investment and the Digital Economy, the Representative of Tourism in Guelmim, the Representative of the Tax Administration in Tan Tan, the Representative of the Customs Authority in Guelmim, as well as representatives of some elected councils in the region, representatives of the economic departments in the region, and the officers of the Chamber.
The agenda of the session was as follows:

A word from the President
Approval of the minutes of the October 2018 ordinary session, held at the seat of the Annex of the Chamber in Tan-tan on 09 November 2018,
the fate of the problem of the unified company price and digital invoicing,
the fate of the registration and stamp service in the provinces of Tantan and Assa Zag,
The tourism sector and its problems in the Guelmim Wadi Noun Region,
Presentation of the electronic portal of the chamber,
2018 Moral Report,
Administrative account for 2018,
The House’s budget bill for 2019
Preliminary approval of a project for a system for the public procurement of chambers of commerce, industry and services and their universities,
Approval on the partnership agreement between the Chamber and the Tan-tan Regional Council for the organization of a trade fair on the fringes of Amkar Tantan.

After the opening of the session by the Speaker of the House Houssein Aliwa, with a welcome address to Mr. Secretary General of Employment of Assa-Zag and members of the House and representatives of elected councils and representatives of local authorities and heads of foreign services and the media attending the work of the February session. He also thanked the President of the Assa-Zag Regional Council for having provided all the conditions for the February ordinary session in this region, stressing that the agenda of the meeting is based on the discussion and study of a set of points of interest for the management of professional and economic affairs in the Guelmim Oued Noun region.

 Among the points of interest is the fate of the problem of the unified company price and digital invoicing, in addition to the creation of a service for registration and stamps in the provinces of Tan-tan and Assa-Zag. Indeed, the invitation of Mr Ibrahim al-Dah, tax collector and Mr Hadji Rachid Al-Amr, authorising officer of the customs administration, was made in the sense that the latter provided further clarification at this point.

The representative of the Customs Directorate to explain and simplify the fate of these points as well as clarify Article 145 of the General Tax Code, which has created a lot of confusion and fear for a wide category of professionals.

He added that the participation of the customs representative in Tan-Tan in the work of the February session is an opportunity to respond to the fate of the customs decision on the updating of the list of goods in circulation in the three southern regions and cleared through customs on a preferential basis, following the decision of the General Customs Administration after the day of communication with representatives of traders in the city of Laayoune on February 8, 2011.

the President, stressed that the subject of tourism is very important given its contribution to the country’s gross domestic product, which has made government plans and programmes give priority to the revitalization of the tourism sector through many initiatives, such as the launch of the Blue Plan in 2005 and the vision of Morocco Tourism 2020.

The President added that the presence of Mr. Regional Delegate for Tourism in the work of the February session is an opportunity to address a series of problems related to the stumbling of many tourism programmes in the region, such as the Al-Shbika railway station and the “White Beach” project, as well as the real role of the Regional Tourism Council compared to other regions.

 As part of the agenda for the February session, he also added that the Chamber is in the process of finalizing its electronic portal, in order to build a basis for communication with professionals, and to involve them in the drafting of decisions relating to the management process in order to consolidate the principle of a participatory approach that he has recorded during his current mandate.

the President pointed out that the Chamber had also approved the 2018 moral report and the administrative account for 2018 as well as the 2019 draft budget of the Chamber.

He concluded his speech with an explanation of the reasons that led him to accept the addition of two items to the agenda of the February session, in accordance with Article 15 of the Statute, which mainly concerned the preliminary approval of a draft public procurement system for chambers of commerce, industry and services and their federation. As well as a partnership agreement between the Chamber and the Tatan Regional Council to create a lounge on the fringes of Amkar Tantan.

After discussion, the members took the following decisions:

Approval of the minutes of the October 2018 session, unanimously approved by the elected members of the House present at the February 2019 session
Held a contact meeting with merchants in the town of guelmim to address concerns related to electronic invoicing, unified pricing, and a meeting with the Regional Tax Directorate to resolve the tax status of the Guelmim clinic,
It was also agreed to refer the matter to the Regional Customs Directorate in Agadir with a petition to study the possibility of relaunching the list of goods frequently traded in the three southern regions on a preferential basis, in accordance with the agreement following the communication day with the representatives of the traders of the Chamber of Laayoune on 8 February 2011.
A petition was sent to the Ministry of Finance and the General Directorate of Taxes to establish a registration and stamp office in the Assa-Zag region, and to assign Mr. Ba’ad tax department to the Customs Department, in order to personally intervene with the Regional Directorate of Taxation to support the chances of reaching this petition.

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