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Meeting of the House Committee on Economic and Social Affairs

The Committee on Economic and Social Affairs of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Guelmim Oued Noun held a meeting on Monday 06 April 2020 at the headquarters of the annex of the Chamber in the city of Tantan, where the members of the committee were present, in addition to the executives attached to the chamber and the representative of the technical department of employment of the province of Tantan.

This meeting took place because of correspondence from the Agency for the Promotion and Economic and Social Development of the Southern Regions of the Kingdom concerning the announcement of the open invitation to tender for the realization of the feasibility study of the project for the creation of an economic activity zone in Tantan, which was submitted by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services in Guelmim Oued Noun as part of a development plan for the Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Services in our country, in order to prepare its nationals with suitable working conditions.
During this meeting, the Committee discussed the item relating to the terms of reference of the study, and it was agreed that it takes into account the most important criteria for the realization of the study, despite the existence of some minor errors that do not affect the content of these conditions.

The Committee also asked for channels of communication to be opened up between the consultancy firm and the Economic and Social Committee of the Chamber to carry out a study that meets the aspirations of professionals.

In conclusion, and in order for the Chamber to provide statistics and an inventory of the most important, polluting and disruptive economic activities in Tan-Tan, which are concerned by the project to create an economic activity zone, the Committee decided in view of the impossibility of implementing this process in the field of the health emergency that our country is experiencing in order to cope with the spread of the new Corona virus, It decided to request the Regional Planning Directorate in Guelmim to provide it with data and statistics on the number of shops carrying out disruptive and polluting economic activities in the city of Tan-Tan, based on the results of the general population and housing statistics for the year 2014. According to the categories mentioned in the annex attached to the correspondence.

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