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An information meeting on the Single Occupational Contribution system in Tantan

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services organized on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 an information meeting on the theme of the unified professional contribution led by Mr. Lahoucine Alayoua, President of the Chamber, and in the presence of Mr. the Pasha of the city of Tantan and the various representatives of external services, members and executives of the Chamber and presidents of professional associations. Also, in the presence of the director of the Directorate of Taxes in Tantan, the head of the tax division in Guelmim, the director of the Social Security Fund in Guelmim, and the delegate of the Ministry responsible for employment in Tantan and the commercial director of AttijariWafabank in Tantan.

This information meeting aims to inform the nationals of the Chamber and professionals of the system of unified professional contribution in accordance with the Finance Act 2021 and following the national assizes of trade held in Marrakech on 24 and 25 April 2019, as well as the third national assizes on taxation held in Skhirat on 3 and 04 May 2019. The said meeting was an opportunity for traders and professionals to raise and discuss a series of points related to the new measure.

لقاء تواصلي حول نظام المساهمة المهنية بطانطان

In addition, the participants requested that the application of the unified professional contribution system be appropriate to the tax specificities of the Region, which is distinguished by the tax exemption contained in the speech made by His Majesty King Hassan II in favor of the economic and social development of the region. The participants also welcomed their willingness to participate and benefit from the health coverage offered by the system.

In turn, the Chamber has committed to providing information and updates on the system to its members and professionals in the region, with the possibility of organizing further information meetings in partnership with the Tax Administration and the CNSS.

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